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This is a page for publicly tracking and co-ordinating what needs to be done to run the next cup, and other related activities.

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Priority: (keep them in order)

  • Critical: literally can't run without it
  • High: much better experience for a lot of people
  • Medium: noticeable improvement
  • Optional: almost no-one will notice
  • Someday: long-term goals

Summary: make it short as possible

Responsible: if someone is working on fixing it. Can be blank.

Description: long explanation, if the summary isn't enough.


Caption text
Priority Summary Responsible Description
Critical Test stream Run test streams to make sure the setup has decent latency.

PES game

Caption text
Priority Summary Responsible Description
Critical Finish setting up rigdio Grassstains Create the rigdj files for remaining teams.
High Fix players with Low Punt Trajectory Grassstains and managers It's a useless stat, as only GKs can use it.

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LPT status
/2hu/ Mumei
/a/ Takumi Fujuwara
/dup/ Dup
/islam/ Saladin
/k/ Rhodesian in Short Shorts
/k/ Hickok45
/kind/ Tender Hugging
/otter/ Zarathustra
/retro/ Numa Numa Guy
High Fix tactics [done pass 1] Grassstains and managers Use auto-checking tool on all teams to ensure they are legal. Still need to verify kick-takers are sane for all teams!

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Tactics status
/ac/ no tactics (beyond 4-3-3 formation)
/bmn/ 3 missing subs
/christian/ Auto-fixed heights, 2 missing subs
/cuckquean/ Postponed verification pending feedback on GCUP strategy update. 3 missing subs
/egy/ No tactics, formation on wiki. Missing GK kit and Away kit
/eris/ Fix shirt numbers
/f/ Illegal export, uses 4chan rules (282 errors lol)
/fascist/ 5 missing subs
/film/ No tactics. Needs team color.
/fscchan/ Legal, but unverified.
/ita/ Legal (auto-fixed heights). awaiting clarification.
/k/ All heights are illegal, otherwise fine
/kind/ Unverified: expecting new tactics
/monarchy/ No tactics, colours
/monster/ <3 missing subs
/server/ no tactics
/sw/ 3 missing subs
High Find any substitution guides /britfeel/ has one, many other teams do. Ask SKF and check threads.
Medium Import player portrait images for teams Use roster pages and make requests.
Medium Make unique faces The move to an empty save file has left many players with the same face. Randomly change them.

TODO: Cuckquean, Dup, Egy, Eris, Film, Fsc, Japan, K, Kind, Late, Loomis, Monarchy, Monster, Otter, Racoon, Retro, Server, Sp, Sw, Yuri

Medium Fix team colors Can use AET. Team colours done (not including /ac/, /film/, /monarchy/, /pro/, /server/)
Medium Improve model efficiency Remove double-sided shaders when not needed. Search .models by filesize and edit them.
Medium Import models for teams Grassstains Click expand to see full list. Aim to have at least one model per team.
Aesthetics to change
/2hu/ Awaiting any extra models. Chen: fix dress animation.
/ac/ Check for extras, settle on which Hilda to use.
/art/ Add cardboard-head players requested for ICUP6 [partially completed]
/bmn/ TO CHECK
/britfeel/ TO CHECK
/christian/ TO CHECK
/cuckquean/ TO CHECK, some suggestions given in thread
/dup/ TO CHECK
/egy/ TO CHECK
/eris/ Various.
/f/ Not expecting changes.
/fascist/ TO CHECK
/film/ TO CHECK
/fscchan/ TO CHECK
/islam/ TO CHECK
/ita/ TO CHECK
/japan/ TO CHECK
/kind/ TO CHECK
/late/ & /comfy/ TO CHECK
/leftypol/ Manager is handling their own, check compatibility.
/loomis/ TO CHECK
/monarchy/ TO CHECK
/monster/ TO CHECK, Ridley missing?
/otter/ TO CHECK
/pro/ Three raccoons in a trenchcoat, if possible
/retro/ TO CHECK
/server/ TO CHECK
/yuri/ TO CHECK, some old models have heads as neck bone instead of head bone
Medium Verify all balls and stadia Should be fine but we don't want crashes. ONLY TESTED UEFA SUMMER! (Fine,Normal,Normal)

Click expand to see stadium list, only checking one that are relevant to a team.

Kaiserstadt /a/ Consider changing fed green to white grass. Otherwise fine.
CIA International /japan/* Consider removing fully white sky in grass texture.
Lego City Stadium /lego/ Fix snow texture on side, check entrance.
Semi-Aquarium /otter/ Fix background building with broken texture, broken entrance.
Else /---/ TODO
Optional Add stadium for /islam/ and any other who asked Grassstains Consider using model to make inspiration
Optional Add banner texts Grassstains for crowd banners.
Optional Update billboards Grassstains Simple, not sure if any team posted new ones.
Optional Remove real ads from Estádio Municipal de Braga and Cup stadium Grassstains Can be replaced easily, but there are a lot of them.
Optional Import legacy teams Grassstains It might be fun...
Optional Fix all kits for FBC/body part hiding Grassstains Basically futureproofing. Also, check all current kits for any team with faces.
Someday Consider PES upgrade - Should not be attempted until the cup is stable. This would enable some graphical improvements and newer gameplay patches, but take a very large amount of time to transfer all the models to PES2018+ format. Will probably not be worth the effort unless something amazing happens or we get a large influx of contributors.


Caption text
Priority Summary Responsible Description
Medium Transfer shoutwiki pages SKF, Grassstains In progress, there doesn't seem to be an emergency. Transferring pages from the old wiki to here.
Medium Archive clips of old games SKF, 'Archive anon' Done? Add links to threads and wiki.
Medium Finish incomplete pages Managers, fans, anons Finish pages in Category:Incomplete Pages by updating or adding missing information.